Anand Munshi is a natural leadership coach; he is one of the top motivational speakers in India


Anand Munshi is a professional motivational speaker based out of Pune, Maharashtra. He conducts corporate events on team building and employee engagement and motivation that compliments the great work that organisations already do. He also consults business on developing a competitive edge for growing competition in the future. He has years of research, studying best sales techniques of various products and industries.

Anand, as a motivational speaker, delivers self-framed modules to train participants through various tailored made employee empowerment programs to transform them into a true asset to the company.

He is one of the top-rated motivational speakers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Dubai, and other countries; he also conducts sessions on leadership coaching, employee empowerment, peak performance, and innovation.

He conducts corporate seminars in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore occasionally.

He is one of the top-rated motivational speakers in Delhi/NCR. He has transformed corporate leaders to become peak performers with a growth mindset to breed disruptive innovation, employee empowerment and sales effectiveness. He is a peak-performance author, known to engage his participants with world’s best techniques to bring lasting and meaningful transformation in individuals and organisations.