He is the fastest growing YouTuber in India, second highest in terms of subscriber base, has a special connect with the common folks and a massive following.


Amit Badhana is an extremely popular Indian comedian and YouTuber. What started as an improv fun skit amongst friends has now become an online sensation. He achieved celebrity status for his viral YouTube channel. In just a few months he has become one of the most subscribed YouTubers in India. He has become the fastest Indian YouTuber to reach 5 million subscribers and is now very close to hitting 6 million. He has a superb following from all over India, especially in the north. He creates family friendly comedy and has won over hearts, with his superb depiction of a desi Indian. He mixes up Haryanvi, with other accents from Delhi and UP and makes superb quality short funny videos. His fan following has hit the roof and rhymes are now popularly used dialogues used by his fans in conversations. From his unique accent and speaking style to his rhymes and punch lines, all of it is praised and loved by his ever growing YouTube audience. Amit's signature style is to create elaborate narratives and rhyming punchlines. In his YouTube videos, Amit is boisterous and goofy, playing various characters and swearing up a storm. He is invited as a popular guest for shows by many colleges and universities and is known for his humility and humour.