Amar developed the art of shadowgraphy and practised it for 16 years before coming out to the public for his first screening in 1988


Amar Sen is an amazing shadow artist based out of Kolkata, West Bengal. He developed the art of shadowgraphy and practised it for 16 years before coming out to the public for his first screening in 1988

Amar is the creator and Sabyasachi is the preserver and critic. They performed individually and collaborated with each other to receive rave reviews. Invitations poured in from all over the country. Then was the first international show at MuscatOman (1997) who invited them again at 1999. From there came the recent trip to USA, where the Governor of Maryland presented the Governor’s Citation.

He authored a series of illustrated lessons of HSG in a leading daily. Amar has introduced the art in numerous forms for cinema, as a casting aid (Prem Jowarey, 1991) and as itself (Swapner Din, 2004), and corporate presentations (ADGAS, TESCO HSC).

He has provided his expertise to various print ads (for JWT). At this stage of his career, after countless showsTV interviews and workshops later, the experience gathered is invaluable.