Amar Sen and Sabyasachi Sen are two exclusive artists of India in the field of hand shadowgraphy!


Amar Sen and Sabyasachi Sen have the rare talent to produce a world of shade and light. They use cinematic techniques like long shot, mid shot, close-up, panning, and show motion to present images and stories in a narrative structure.

They specialise in performing for LIVE events, TV commercials, corporate events, etc.

They are proud to belong to the exclusive brood of global performers of this rare art form.

Amar and Sabyasachi have performed on various subjects like traffic safetyoil conservationroad safety, historical events, etc. They produce visual shadowgraphy presentation complemented with audio effects. With twenty fingers, innovative mind and confidence to overcome all oddities, they are ready to take up any topic.

They are based out of Kolkata, West Bengal.