The Akhepura Rajasthan Group are the gypsies of Rajasthan, who are known for their snake-charming art and of course, their folk dance and music!


Akhepura Rajasthan Group is a troupe of Thar Desert gypsies. The group is known for their snake-charming art, folk dance and folk music. They specialize in promoting folk dance and music and other art forms of the Indian state of Rajasthan.

They perform Rajasthani cultural programs, Rajasthani folk dancesKalbelia danceGhoomar dance, Kachi GoriChari NrityaFire danceLanga Manganiyar Sufi musicpuppet showroyal songsHindi songs, etc.

So far, they have given numerous performances not just across India, but across the globe like in EuropeUSA, TurkeyFiji IslandsKoreaJapanSingapore, Malaysia, Nepal, etc.

They have a group of 60 gypsy dancers and artists who have performed at many events, fairs, weddings and festivals.

Their group includes:

  • Rajasthani singer and Langa singer from Jodhpur/Jaisalmer
  • Dholak-player
  • Tabla-player
  • Khartal-player
  • Fireman (Bhavai)
  • Sarangi-player
  • Kachi Gori
  • Morchang-player
  • Female dancers

Performances so far:

  • Rajasthani Cultural Program 
  • Rajasthani Instrumental JugalBandi
  • Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance
  • Rajasthani Chari Dance
  • Rajasthani Folk and Sufi songs
  • Rajasthani Bhavai Dance
  • Rajasthani Gramin Bhavai Dance
  • Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance
  • Rajasthani Chakra Dance
  • Rajasthani Fire Dance
  • Rajasthani Kachi Gori Dance
Performance Details
Events Preferred Charity,Concert/Festival,Corporate,Inauguration,Restaurant,Exhibition,Private Party,Professional Hiring,Wedding
City Jaipur
Performing Members 20
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 120
Languages Hindi,Rajasthani
Open To Travel Nationwide
State Rajasthan