Ageless Yard

A brutal band from the laps of Himalayas; famous for its thrashing yet melodic sounds on stage!

Solan, Himachal Pradesh



Ageless Yard is a LIVE metal band based out of the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. This is a five-piece band that released its first single – ‘Rise Again‘, which was widely appreciated. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by the Skyharbor fame, Keshav Dhar. Members: Kuwar – Vocals Ganga – Lead Guitar Ajay – Rhythm Guitar Aashish – Bass Shem – Drums Achievements: Doaba Engineering College 2011 (Runner up) Winter Carnival Shimla 2011 (Runner up) SIET Bilaspur 2012 (Winner) LR Institute of Engineering 2012 (Winner) Baddi Engineering College 2012 (Winner) Utakarsh HPU 2012 (Winner) COER Roorkee 2012 (Runner Up) IGMC Shimla 2012 (Winner) Baddi Engineering College 2012 (Headlining act) NIFT Kangra – Spectrum 2013 (Winner) CU 2013 (Winner) PU 2013 (Winner) Qurantien Jaipur 2013 (Finalist) RAY BAN Never Hide Chandigarh 2013 (Guest appearance) Amity University Chandigarh 2013 (Winner) IIT Mandi 2013 (Winner) Ragaaz CU 2013 (Winner) Cynide PU 2013 (Winner) IGMC Shimla 2013 (Winner) NIT Jalandhar 2013 (Runner up) Baddi Engineering College 2013 (Headlining act) JN Engineering College (Winner) Green Hills Engineering College 2013 (Winner) IIT Roorkee 2013 (Runner up) Chitkara University, Carnage '14 (winner) IIT Saharanpur '14 (Winner) Gurukul Vidyapeeth (Crescendo-2014/Ropar) (Winner) IISEAR Mohali (Winner) Zion (Battle of Bands) COER Roorkee '14 (Winner) IIT Mandi '14 (Winner)

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