ADAVI can give you a refreshing jamboree and make your evening extremely vibrant with its quirky music and sprightly performance.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

LIVE BAND(Bollywood,Fusion,Indie,Rock n Roll,Sufi)


ADAVI is a unique band with quirky music and a very interesting genre called Psychedelic- Rocksteady. It is a group of four, super talented musicians with the beautiful lady, Sravya Kothalanka as their lead singer. A soothing voice with a strong personality, Sravya is a born rock star. Based out of Hyderabad, this band is gaining popularity all across the nation. With a very active social media account, their music can be experienced on youtube, SoundCloud, and Facebook. The other three musicians,  AnanthaKrishnan,  Akshay, Athreya and  Sundeep, Rk are the three pillars structuring the band. The band has many successful events to his name and has successfully changed the definition of music for the new generation. Your insatiable love for music, to a certain extent, can be satisfied by listening to the new gen music of ADAVI. Enjoy their videos on Facebook and trust us, if you are looking for a crazy night full of music and masti, this is where you will find your music.

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90 - 180 Min

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