Abstratics Creative Dance Company

Their dance sequences add an abstract dimension in their performances,that leave the audience in complete amazement.

Bangalore, Karnataka



Abstratics are a Bengaluru based creative dance company with a vision to bring continuous innovation in the field of dance. Their approach is unique in the sense that they focus on imparting artistic education that helps their students to excel and grow It was founded by Karthik Tantri in the year 2013 . Abstratics is a combination of 2 words - Abstract & Tactics. Doing justice to their name, they always try to make possible and deliver performances that would otherwise only been a picture of one’s imagination. Their focus is on providing rich and in depth training in all the different art forms to their students. The main emphasis being on Contemporary, Semi – classical and Freestyle dance forms. Unlike most dance troops, creativity is not something which they work to prosper in but it is something that comes naturally to them. Performing at shows and organising workshops, Abstratics have been at the forefront of redefining the dance field with their stellar performances. Recently, they have ventured into dance productions in which they aim to show the journey of the life of a dancer, through their dance performances. This has recieved a decent number of views on the social media.      

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