Abhishek Sarkar Photography

Abhishek is fantabulous in making his clients feel their beauty!

New Delhi, Delhi



Abhishek is a writer by calling and a photographer by heart who needs to compose, picture his own predetermination – it is an alternate thing that he regularly neglects to do as such, yet he haven't surrendered! His photogenic adventure started 5 years back when he visited a close-by ghetto territory and took photos of the charming children playing at the patio with his camera phone. That day and that exact second set off the photographer in him. With time, his little camera phone offered path to a digital camera and lastly, a DSLR. He believes each photo has an existence, each life has its own minutes, and each minute has an alternate story to tell. He adores pictures as much as scenes, design photography being his new conceived squash. Life has regarded him since the time that he took voyaging and photography as his greatest medication in life. Bringing a grin all over and making them feel how lovely they are, is the best blessing from life on earth! Following quite a while of practice and liberality, he now wishes to take his energy for photography to the following level. Like they say, most things in life come with a price tag! "Why might one consider what's in store for tomorrow when one stays in Love". When he clicks a photo, he catches that uncommon snippet of two people prepared to tie their souls in a heavenly marriage, he makes that exceptional minute his as well – he lives it as well. It is astounding to have the capacity to live in and witness such a variety of dazzling minutes, such a large number of happiness full of grins, merry eyes thus numerous souls splashed in adoration. He gets excessively energized and elated, making it impossible to have the capacity to be there do and what he do. Just makes him become hopelessly enamored with those delighted weddings again and again. His customers mix in the enthusiasm and free for all of his fascinating voyage and they observe how he uncovers their magical moments through his open computerized eye.

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