Rising with the stand up comedy culture, Abhijit Pokharkar has so much to offer to the audience.







Abhijit Pokharkar is a young and fresh talent in the comedy industry of Nashik. A seeking singer turned comedian by destiny, Abhijit Pokharkar has a lot to give.

The much needed thrust to his career came when he was asked to perform on a stand up piece of few minutes at one of his friends birthday bash. Reluctant to be made fun of, Abhijit initially hesitated but finally gave in to the demand of his friends. What unfolded was really hard for anyone present in the room to imagine.

The mimicking and trolling of his friends group earned him widespread praises. He not only blew the lid off their secrets but struck the right chords at their hearts with a few emotional pitches. Since then this has become his signature style. A combination of humour and emotions gives the perfect show that is both soothing to the heart and head.

Soon he plans to take his endeavour across the cities of India, specially the education circles. He has already been noticed at Pune and Nashik, sooner you will see him at other destinations too.