Abhijay Gupta

A multi-faceted photographer, videographer, visual artist, cinematographer, an illustrator, editor, and a one-stop-shop for various kinds of creative services!

New Delhi, Delhi

PHOTO/VIDEOGRAPHER(Candid,Concept,Documentary Films,Events,Portrait,Short Films)


Abhijay Gupta is a talented videographer who is gifted with a lot of skills! Not only is he a photographer with an eye for amazing aesthetical beauty, he is also a brilliant painter, sculptor, beautiful writer, excellent editor and a Visual Artist! Abhijay is based out of the finance capital of India, New Delhi, and has created numerous master-pieces. Services Offered: Visualization and creative direction for audio-visual media/multimedia Cinematography and editing for film and video graphic design, including logo design and book and magazine design Illustration for books and magazines Art direction for theatre and film Painting and sculpture Spatial design – Music and soundscaping Creative project management Writing and editing for audio-visual media/multimedia Content-writing and editing for web pages Writing and editing in English and Bengali

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