A multi-faceted photographer, videographer, visual artist, cinematographer, an illustrator, editor, and a one-stop-shop for various kinds of creative services!


Abhijay Gupta is a talented videographer who is gifted with a lot of skills! Not only is he a photographer with an eye for amazing aesthetical beauty, he is also a brilliant painter, sculptor, beautiful writer, excellent editor and a Visual Artist!

Abhijay is based out of the finance capital of India, New Delhi, and has created numerous master-pieces.

Services Offered:

  • Visualization and creative direction for audio-visual media/multimedia Cinematography and editing for film and video graphic design, including logo design and book and magazine design
  • Illustration for books and magazines
  • Art direction for theatre and film
  • Painting and sculpture
  • Spatial design – Music and soundscaping
  • Creative project management
  • Writing and editing for audio-visual media/multimedia
  • Content-writing and editing for web pages
  • Writing and editing in English and Bengali