A host, an actress, a comedian and what not? Aayushi Jagad can make you hoot with laughter once she is on the rostrum.


Born on 27th June 1992, Aayushi Jagad is the founder of Fangirl co. and a former writer at 'AIB'. She is a woman with a profoundly strong personality and a heartily commendable stage presence. Not just an anchor, host and comedian, she is an impeccable actress too. Her video 'Because I said no' which is about some trashy men and their behavior of first dates, has been viewed thousands of times on the internet. Aayushi is the lead vocalist for the band 'The Plus Ones' as well. Her charming smile and bold persona work as the cherry on top of her talented performances. A born artist, she can easily oscillate between a chucklesome and quick-witted comedian to a badass rock star. She also performed? in Queens of Comedy, a roast comedy show with the well-known standup and sketch comedian, 'Kaneez Surka' and our very own Bholly Punjaban, 'Richa Chadda' as the judges?. Being a very interactive and hysterical host, she can manage the audience very well and make them cackle with laughter. She recently hosted a stand-up comedy event called 'Funny side-up' where you could witness gales of laughter coming from every side of the stadium when she was on the stage.

Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Pune,Maharashtra
Events Preferred