Aarya Ambekar

A leading classical singer, her albums and songs in Marathi language have won the hearts of thousands.

Pune, Maharashtra

(Acoustic Singer,Bollywood,Classical,Hindi Retro,Indian Folk,Karaoke)


Aarya Ambekar is a beloved Marathi and Hindi playback singer. Her profound knowledge in classical music and outstanding singing abilities has made her win several awards and accolades. She is currently a resident of Pune, Maharashtra and has performed at several cultural and shows on the state and national levels. Born in Nagpur, Aarya's grandmother was the first in her family to discover a potential artist in her. Soon, Aarya started learning from her mother and Guru, Shruti Ambedkar. Her devotion to classical music was such that she appeared for her first musical examination when she was just six years old. Her polished voice is a delight to hear to the ears. It speaks volumes about her hard working attitude and commitment to the field of music. Aarya has put in hours of practice in perfecting her singing abilities. This has also made her win scholarships for her studies in music. Aarya has released several albums in Marathi language. Aarya's reverence and love in her devotional songs makes it a blissful experience to hear. Even classical maestros have showered her blessings and praises on Aarya for her excellence.

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