A group of passionate musicians, they give their all to music!


Aakash Patwari Collective (APC) is a group of musicians who have come together to create breathtaking music which travels from their heart to others. Their style focuses on Bollywood and Originals. They specialize in giving life to an event. The band consists of 6 members. They are as follows : Neil Andrew (Guitars and Backing Vocals) Manoj Dubey ( Percussions) Vatan Dhuriya (Keyboards) Mayur Wagh ( Drums) Rishabh Chowdhary (Bass) Aakash Patwari (Vocals) These artists are some of the best in their departments. Having performed in various events of every scale, they are much admired by everyone. They have formed their own fan following and are easily able to attract the audience to any show it is a part of.
Performance Details
Performing Members 6
Off-Stage Members 1
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Mumbai,Chandigarh
Events Preferred