Aaans The Band is a versatile LIVE act from Kanpur that delivers the best of various music genres!


Aaans is LIVE band based out of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The band began in 2013 with some rough performances and music-oriented hours with the joint collaboration of the AAANS (Abhishek, Anurag, Anmol and Niket).  
Later on in 2014, the band went LIVE to explore their talents and to work together in cooperation coordination and combination.
  • Abhishek Chatterjee – Lead Guitar, Keyboard
  • Anmol Gupta – Drums. Percussion
  • Abhay Singh – Keyboards
  • Anurag Shukla – Vocals, Rap
  • Vivek Singh – Rhythm Guitars
The genres they play are pop, hard rock, mashups, and rhythmic fusion.