A Story by Dharma Teja is a photography team that captures your moments in a beautiful and vibrant manner!


Dharma Teja is here to immortalize your perfect wedding story from your hearts, onto a film. Every wedding has a story, innumerable emotions, adrenaline, ecstasy, and nerves felt in a matter of seconds.

Weddings, to him, are the union of two souls for lifetime. A wedding is like a magical atmosphere where aunties search for prospective son-in-laws, uncles laugh louder than each other to show who is the boss, and kids try to sneak in the drinks.

His job is to capture each activity in its best light. It is about the little things like the smile of the groom when he sees his bride.


  • Candid Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Portfolio Making
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography