A a m a d d

A a m a d d enjoy sticking to the roots with a contemporary twist and experimenting with sounds!

Chandigarh, Chandigarh



A a m a d d is a LIVE duo based out of the capital city of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh. Music has a new perspective on the lives of Mansimran Singh and Harshit Sharma. Trained in the guru-shisya tradition under classical singer, Vinod Sood, they are in love with the element of spontaneity in Hindustani classical music. A a m a d d, in musical terms, is the advent of an idea – novel and fresh. Steeped in tradition, modern in outlook and universal in approach, their original compositions reflect creative ideas and patterns. Traversing this journey, A a m a d d was born. Their sound of music is in a genre influenced by the classical touch and forms the basis of their compositions. Experimenting with sounds, the duo and their companions enjoy sticking to the roots with a contemporary twist. Not only this, the duo plan to make music melodious, meaningful, thought-provoking and even philanthropic. 

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