2 Point 4 Three believes in creating heavy and intense materials and lyrically enriched at the same time; stage presence is the prominent factor about the band


2 Point 4 Three is a LIVE band based out of Darjeeling, West Bengal. The band plays a unique blend of death metal with traces of brutal death metal and classic grooves.

They like to experiment a lot. The genre of the band varies with each new song they release but primarily focuses on death metal.

Formed in 2011, 2 Point 4 Three recreated their music with a new taste of old school death metal music.

The band has also shared the stage with international bands like Dhisti from Sri Lanka, Arsames from Iran, and grindcore heavyweights, Napalm Death.


  • Movila Fest
  • Winners of Manifesto of Headbangers, 2011
  • Mahakalfest, 2011
  • Darjeeling Tea and Tourist Festival
  • Darjeeling-Meta-Legion Fest, 2012, feat Dhisti (Sri Lanka)
  • Metal Mayhem IV (KTM, Nepal) featuring Napalm Death
  • New World Order I
  • Metal Jampad III

Band Members:

  • Raul (Microphone Abuser)
  • Pranay (Axe Grinder)
  • Baps (Bass Blaster)
  • Rupen (Pyscho Banger)
Performance Details
Performing Members 4
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 40-60
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Darjeeling,West Bengal
Events Preferred