Yatin Srivastava Project

The whole project believes in DIY approach of working, meaning it hasn''t spent a single penny on any of the recording ventures

New Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Metal,Rock)


The Yatin Srivastava Project is the solo project of New Delhi-based guitarist, Yatin Srivastava. The idea of the project was conceptualised in the middle of 2011. With influences ranging from classic progressive rock to modern metal, the sound can be defined largely as progressive rock/metal. Starting out as a bedroom project in its 2013, Yatin Srivastava Project is the solo project of New Delhi-based musician Yatin Srivastava, which has taken huge steps in the past two years to get out there as a full blown progressive rock/progressive metal band in the Indian/United Kingdom independent music scene. The band has received a great response from people in India and in the United Kingdom; getting featured in UK-based magazines such as Powerplay Magazine and Fireworks Magazine. The whole project has a DIY approach to working, meaning it hasn't spent a single penny on any of the recording ventures and has done everything on its own to expand as an independent entity. The band released its first EP, The Dream Plays in Reverse, with much anticipation and a warm and welcoming response on social media on 2nd October 2014. The EP was recently released on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music in November 2015. The album features renowned musicians from the Indian independent music scene including Takar Nabam (Guillotine, Takar Nabam Ensemble, Takatrio) and Pranav Pahwa (Jester, Kamakshi Khanna Project, ex-Five 8), both masters of the guitar and have been nominated at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards in India over the years. The musicians who played on the record are also very well established in the Indian independent college music scene and are parts of various independent Indian bands including Kunal Singh (Credence, High Time, Arrow Bridge), Abhishek Vidyarthy Singh (Three Of A Kind, Purple Elephants) and Siddhant Seth (Purple Elephants).  The project has recently acquired a new set of LIVE members in London, United Kingdom and this line-up performed their debut gig, an acoustic rendition of the songs off The Dream Plays In Reverse couple of months back in Brick Lane, London. That gig was recorded and filmed and released as a LIVE EP in February 2016. Taking from its original inspirations from the soundscapes and ambience of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Karnivool and so on, these renditions also blend in a fresh element of electronic music influenced by bands and artists such as Radiohead, Bonobo and Nine Inch Nails. Lead by a powerful female voice courtesy of Marissa Landy and a tight rhythm section comprising of Archie Farrer (Bass) and

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