Within Reasons is metal band whose strength is the bond between the members which comes from the years of friendship


Within Reasons is a LIVE band based out of Guwahati, Assam. Formed in 2011, the band began when the three school friends met together coming up with the intention of making good music and thought of something new which is more divergent from the mainstream.
They met in school and played in various school events wherever they got the chance and had a good musical chemistry between them for the past five years.
Jayjeet Debroy, an incredible musician, came up with the idea of making disparate music
Meanwhile, Moniroop Sarma, with his distinctive ideas and thoughts and the same intention, came up to his friend Salswkang that, together as a whole, they can form a band.
This musical chemistry between them led into the conformation of the structure of the band.
While forming the band, Moniroop, Jayjeet and Salswkang together came up with the creation of a song which had total alternative blends with metal genre and put up with their divergent ideas to create this song called Persuade.
After writing all the materials for the song, they decided to hit the studio to record their first single. While writing this song, they thought about adding a frontman who would bring pride to this band. Later, they chose their school friend, Gautam Ghosh, for this position. Soon after the addition, they together jammed and wrote new materials.
Due to some unusual circumstances, Jayjeet Debroy had to part ways from the band and was replaced by Shanawaz Rehman.