A soulful live band who are known nationwide for having their own compositions and arrangement of songs in a unique way.


One of the best quality of a good live band is their ability to get the audience connected and engaged with them throughout the length of the event.This is where this live band consisting of immensely talented and experienced musicians stand out from the other live bands of the country.They have performed at numerous event in their career and have been winning the appreciation of the audience as well as their clients wherever they have performed at.Based in New Delhi, they have the expertise and many genres such as Bollywood, indie, pop, rock, and Sufi.They are willing to travel nationwide if required for their future projects and are capable enough to make their future projects and events as much successful and fun as their previous ones were through their soothing and fun live performances.
Performance Details
Performing Members 4
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel
Location NCR / Delhi,Uttar Pradesh
Events Preferred