StarClinch Upholds Women’s Dignity Both Within and Outside Office

Very recently, the nation was shaken by the shocking news about a 22 year old woman traveling by auto from her residence to her parent’s house in Khandsa Village, Gurgaon. She was traveling with her nine month old daughter. The driver and two other men started molesting her as soon as she sat inside the auto. The child was thrown out of the auto and each man dishonored her.

The victim only lodged a complaint about the death of the child and concealed the information about the three men raping her. She was afraid that her husband might react negatively and disown her. There were two other such incidents that happened within a span of one month in Yamunanagar and Ambala.

It is highly unfortunate that people do not protest against such social evils. Taking this example into consideration, there are two major crimes that are being committed mercilessly. The mindless murder of a girl child and the ruthless invasion of a woman’s dignity and privacy, seem to be a favorite trend for stone-heated murderers who possess in controllable carnal desires and love killing innocent human beings.

We often wonder, where are we heading as a civilized society? Or are we truly civilized? Is it normal to be coercive and lusty? Is it a woman’s desire to be violated? There are poignant questions that come to the mind.

Women’s rights are a priority at StarClinch

StarClinch has always stood by the Nirbhayas of the nation. We believe that before building a company, a nation or anything grand, we must have some sympathy in our hearts. We need to be human and supportive of our fellow human beings, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, mother tongue, color or anything that causes division in our mind and soul.

What happens if women are harassed

It can be unsettling for women in the working environment if she is constantly a prey to sexual harassment. This kind of mental or physical harassment might have long-term effects on the woman. It can affect her performance at work. It can leave her feeling intimidated and insecure.

How we make a difference at StarClinch

At StarClinch, we value human beings before their contribution to the company’s financial success. Each man and woman is honored and protected to the greatest extent possible. We strictly adhere to the fact that we are friends who protect n honor each other. No harassment is entertained. There is no inequality in behavior when interacting with men and women. A very mature approach is adopted and minor problems are taken care of immediately. The work environment remains cordial and helpful.

The very basic needs of men and women are taken care of. There is equal opportunity for all. Everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued as well as respected.

Women are specifically respected irrespective of their marital status, pregnancy, disabilities, sexual preferences and age. Women are free of stereotypical gender roles that society has assigned to them.

There are firms that discriminate women on the grounds of health and pregnancy and prohibit them from joining after work group events. StarClinch believes in including everyone in a company’s event because we believe that we are a family working together to establish something great for people in society.

If every work place, school or social establishment can educate people and lead to a mass awareness, our society would be a better place to live in and life would be a celebration instead of being a tragedy like it is for some women out there. They are fighting against all odds all on their own. It is time we reach out and assist them with kindness and compassion.