Stand-up comedy: An Unconventional yet Flourishing Performing Art

Stand-up comedy is undoubtedly one of the toughest performing arts. One has to keep abreast of novel yet relevant material. In addition to this, the artists have to constantly update their art to stand in front of critical audience. Hence, the stand-up comedians are creators, performers and receivers who are in charge of their own destiny. There are many unanticipated troubles in this field with no clear cut solutions, pressure from organizers to make profit and critics reviewing every performance critically. Following are few reasons because of which stand-up comedy is considered an unconventional art:

Constant Renewal of Thoughts and Ideas

One of the greatest comedians of our time, Jerry Seinfeld once admitted that he tried different things, night after night and put a red cross on the calendar on the day he practiced. The idea behind this was to see the line of crosses growing which was motivating for him. Similarly, every stand-up artist needs to practice in order to grow. A well versed comedy act can heap praises irrespective of the kind of audience a comedian is catering to. It can be a prestigious corporate event or a private party but, there is no replacement for constant improvisation and extensive rehearsals.

Incorporating Feedback

Unlike other arts, a stand-up comedian needs to incorporate the feedback instantaneously. If in a performance the joke gets brings big laughs, the comedian will make a stellar show. But, the real challenge is to improvise feedback then and there. If the people stop appreciating your jokes, your shows will experience decrease in number of audience. Hence, it is important to take notice and correct in timely fashion.

Respecting Your Audience

For a stand-up comedian, the only measure of success is how well the audience reacts to the show. Unless audience in getting what they want, there are little chances that artists will succeed. US comedian John Oliver is a great example of this. His USP is his ability to make his audience special, and giving them credit for it. Unlike, in other arts, an artist is required to satisfy himself first. By interacting with audience and empowering them, he has managed to do things right every time.

Taking Risks

While it is not easy to take risks, but wonders of it may motivate you take calculated risks. ‘Unbelievablish’, a show by comedian Vir Das is a fine example of that. He toured small towns of India, such as Jaipur, Kochi, Chandigarh and Coimbatore, in his 11-city tour. The result of it was that the show became India’s largest stand-up comedy tour by a comedian in which over 35,000 tickets were sold. While he began a new culture of performing stand-up comedy in front of the small town audience, he also set a benchmark for other artist to take unconventional route.

Not Losing Faith in Your Dreams

Being a woman, continuing her journey was extremely tough for Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Aditi Mittal. Her first event didn’t go that easy and it took Aditi an year to refine her art and to be confident of herself. But, she never gave up. She made a video with her newly found confidence spammed it to her sponsor and as a result she got eight back to back shows. Hence, if you start indulging yourself in an unconventional art called stand-up comedy, take a note of the pointers mentioned above.