Siddhant is a Delhi born boy looking to make it big in Mumbai!


Siddhant is an actor and a theatre artist. He made his Bollywood successfully in 2016 in the film "˜Jugni'. The film was a Romantic Musical and he was appreciated by its audience for his portrayal of the role in Mastana in it. He has learned a lot during his time in the theatre. He learned many new skills and refined some of his previous skills. He was part of a quite famous theatre group "Act One" in New Delhi. He got unwarranted limelight when he made a comment about nepotism and how it is difficult for outsiders to make it big in the Industry. He is a role model for all those outsiders, as he has gone a long way despite being an outsider to the Industry.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 3
Performance Duration 45 - 60
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Mumbai,Chandigarh
Events Preferred