SESH is a trio of exemplary musicians who are ideal for an elite, zestful and highly kinetic performance.

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Pop,Rock)


A soft-rock band from Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal,'SESH' was formed in 2010 and was initially known by the name of 'HYDROZEn'. It is the first band from its state and comprises of 6 members in total, with three musicians and three supporting members. Kousik Mondol is the guitarist,? Suman Sinha is the vocalist and ? Riddhi Mukherjee is behind the keys. The band is managed by Ranajit Basak. Gour Sundar Modal and Mou Das are the photographers, freezing the memories of their beautiful performances forever, Their recent song 'Paser Barir Meye' is running successfully on Youtube and has managed to fetch more than a thousand likes. Not just this, their musical short film called 'Rekho Amar Itihas' which was based on a dilemma one faces between a relationship and his dreams.This was also a major hit and got more than 6000 likes. They have performed in many events and have a unique way of creating a sterling event. Their lead vocalist can win hearts with his soulful voice and at the same time, the guitarist will make it beat super fast with his electrifying performance.  

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