Sam’s Confessions

There are so many fine artists that are expressing themselves through their paintings and sculptures. We know that any form of art is a way we can get a glimpse of what goes on in the minds of people. We can find new ideas and revolutionary thoughts that might help us overcome social problems.

Introducing Sam

Chennai born and New-York based designer, Samyukta Madhu, designs doodles that speak plenty about the new generation of Indians that fight for feminism, sexuality, independence and the right to express him or herself.

She calls herself Sam and she sketches women who she thinks may portray her very nature. She brings to life the characters that she loves to create.

What she sketches

Her illustrations are so realistic and apt. At times, she doodles herself at work, suffering a ‘quarter-life crisis.’ She proudly calls herself a single brown female when she poses with women who are approved by society- fair and slim with glamor.

The Basic Truth of Life

Sam has realized one of the most important things in life. She is aware of the fact that people gossip and they talk about you behind your back even if you intend to do something good for someone. In case you go wrong, it gets even worse.

Her Take on the World

She is a woman with a very progressive mindset. She has deep respect for Hindu mythology and portrays the female deities as powerful and enigmatic sources of infinite feminine power.

Unlike general observation, she does not advocate western cultural influences but celebrates both western and Indian values and traditions. She embraces the best of both cultures. People should be whomever they aspire to be, not what society expects of them.

Her works inspire people to talk. She claims that people who know her fear that she may suffer from physical pain if she protests too much. She is a fearless soul. She doesn’t care if any harm crosses her way. She is bold and will always remain so.

She is a supporter of creativity and encourages people to remain honest.

It is a positive sign that people like Sam are gathering the courage and determination to express themselves and protest about social malpractices. With people like her, social awareness will increase. People will learn to respect one another. Human beings will be valued.