RAHIB is a five-piece band that strives to convey a wide a range of emotions through their music and performances to relate to their audiences!

New Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Folk,Fusion,Pop,Rock,Sufi,Tribute)


RAHIB was formed when two close friends – Swaresh and Rishabh decided to form their own band. The duo has played with many bands across Delhi as freelancers. In order to complete their band, they finally met Gaurav (Muhfaad) and Mayank and the four of them formed a good quatro. After a year, they took Vishal as the lead guitarist in the band. Each letter of the band's name denotes different names of India: R – Representing A – Aryavarta H – Hindustan I – India B – Bharat The meaning of RAHIB is recognized in some languages as 'Awesome' and 'Merciful'. RAHIB is a five-piece band consisting a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer and a rapper/keyboardist. The band is basically influenced from Rock music but they fused Rap as an ingredient in their genre. The band is known for their onstage energy. Things strengthening this band are their unity, original music pieces they compose and their lyrics. The band believes in performing LIVE as much as possible.

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