Pisakas is an incredible and versatile death metal band that delivers the best of the genre!


Pisakas is a LIVE band based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore.
The band name means demon which feasts on the left overs from corpses, regarding smelly rotten bits as delicacies.
Pisakas focuses on all the unsocial elements of the society, and all that people have gone through.
Here is a band that screams against injustice. Pisakas is a death metal band that plays with a blend of grind and a passion for brutality in their genre.
Influenced by the early old school pioneers of death, grind and thrash, speed and utmost aggression is never compromised.
The lyrical contents are mainly focused on social atrocities, gore, obscenity, filth and violence.
  • Kyra Open Mic (8 Nov 2011, Bangalore) 
  • Strawberry Fields (25 Nov 2011, Bangalore)
  • Jack Daniels Open Mic (2 Dec 2011, Bangalore)
  • Vehement Era (5 Jan 2013, Bangalore)
  • Garage Jam (27 April 2013, Bangalore)
  • Dis-Organized III (3 Aug 2013, Bangalore)
  • Undergrind VIII (2 Nov 2013, Bangalore)
  • Domination Death Fest (21 Jun 2014, Hyderabad)
  • Vile Fest II (2 May 2015, Hyderabad)
  • Bangalore Open Air Pre-Gig (3 June 2015, Bangalore)
  • Funerus Live (10 Sep 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Slaughter House Death Fest 3 (12 Sep 2015, Hetauda, Nepal)
  • Death Damage Destruction (9 April 2016, Bangalore)
  • Southern Death Fest Vol2 (8 April 2017, Cochin)
Band Members:
  • Guitars and Vocals – Sourav
  • Bass – Vicky
  • Drums – Arindam