National Award Winning Bollywood Stars

National award being awarded to someone at a prestigious venue has always been every Indian’s dream. Actors have always dream of having one of their own. Although very few people have achieved this award, it remains a very desirable award for many.

Let’s have a look at some of the actors who were lucky enough to receive this prize.

Kangana Ranaut

Her impressive role as a model that was slowly being replaced by more successful ones, in the film Fashion has won her appraisal and this prestigious award. Her character was that of a model that slowly went into depression after her success as a showstopper was replaced by Priyanka Chopra’s impressive presentation. She was awarded for being the Best Supporting Actress.

Arjun Rampal

He was awarded for being the Best Supporting Actor in the film, Rock On. Although he has always been a successful model and many have stated that a model cannot act, he has proven everyone wrong with his exceptional role as a guitarist in the film.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka was given the award for her role as the Best Actress in the film, Fashion. She stunned everyone with her skills and expressions and the way she brought to life the character of a small-town girl, whose dream was to make it to the top and see her face on every bill board in the nation.

Konkona Sen Sharma

Talent runs in the family. This statement holds true for the blessed daughter of Aparna Sen, Konkona. Aparna was a winner of multiple national awards and her daughter also excels in that field. She won the award for being the Best Actress in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. This film was directed by her mother. She was awarded for her role as the Best Supporting Actress in Omkara.


She was declared as the Best Actress twice. Her spectacular roles in Maachis and Chandni Bar truly make her a deserving candidate for the way she was able to gracefully bring to life her characters on screen. She is already well reputed and known for her talent and ability to act flawlessly.

Shabana Azmi

Shabana has been able to show the world that she can win peoples’ hearts five times over. She won the award five times. She has won the hearts of her audiences and critics for her unparalleled performances in movies such as Ankur, Arth, Khandar, Paar and Godmother. She has been the Best Actress in all these films.

Amitabh Bachchan

How can we forget Big B? Four awards have reminded us of the fact that he is a very talented actor with an eye for detail and perfection. Agneepath, Black and Paa won him three awards for his role as the Best Actor. He also won an award for his performance in Saat Hindustani. He received an award for being the Best Newcomer.

Anil Kapoor

He won the award for his awesome performance in Pukar. He was given the prestigious title of Best Actor and the award for his incomparable work. He has always made a mark in the industry and has won praises and appreciation from people across India.

These talented individuals have truly demonstrated how powerful their acting skills are. We can only hope to see more performances like this from many others in future.