Music Virgo is a duo of Anirudh Goyal & Ishita Sehgal where they work as a music producer, a pianist, a DJ, and a vocalist.


Music Virgo is a duo of professionally trained singers, Anirudh, who is a music producer and a pianist and Ishita Sehgal who is a vocalist. The genres in which they perform are Western, Hindi and Punjabi. Due to their personal taste in music and mutual interest in the music industry they come together to perform. Both are passionate about music and believe in creating and improvising melodies that is why both of them did professional training. They together have performed in the following venues: 1. Holiday Inn, Kolkata 2. Detroit, CP 3. The Future is Female (TFIF), Rajouri Garden 4. Gastronomica, Greater Kailash 5. Mirchi Desi Fest (Radio Mirchi) 6. Cantino, Hudson Lane 7. Too Indian, Rajouri Garden  
Performance Details
Performing Members 2
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel
Location NCR / Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred