Kadava is a band that produces relaxing and soothing music.


Kadava is a Bangalore based progressive rock band. While they produce their own sedative music, they also do covers from various other languages. With their unquestionable talents and skills, they have been able to impress their audience a lot. All the members of the band were independent artists before and collaborated to create beautiful music. Following are the members of the band: 1) Mahil Kr – Vocals Prajwal Shekar – Bass Guitar Bhargav Karkal – Drums Sidharth Nandakumar – Keyboard Shailesh Babu Gowda – Acoustic Guitar Thejas Valal – Rhythm(((Lead Guitar
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 180
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Bangalore,Karnataka
Events Preferred