Ironic Reversal

It is a versatile and metal project delivering and performing the best of the metal sub-genre!

Bangalore, Karnataka



Ironic Reversal is a LIVE band based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore. Imagine a dystopian future where totalitarian regimes run a polluted and overpopulated earth suffering from poverty and unemployment, a world where all housing is dilapidated and food is severely scarce, where fully sentient clones are grown to serve as organ banks for the rich and powerful, where corporations have devised fail-safe procedures to control your mind and convince you to buy things you do not need. With lyrical themes inspired by '70s dystopian/sci-fi films like Soylent Green, THX 1138 and Parts: The Clonus Horror, the band is the solo project of guitarist, Madhur Murli (Ex-Analyzed Consequences), in collaboration with Kaushal LS (Orchid, Eccentric Pendulum, Gutslit) and Rahul Kini (Analyzed). Band Members: Madhur Murli – Guitars, Bass Kaushal LS – Lyrics, Vocals Rahul Kini – Drums

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