A renowned orchestra who provide services such as live bands and the orchestra, Carnatic instrumental musicians and devotional music orchestra.

Idol melodies orchestra is one of the most know orchestras which is known for its quality services and timelines. They work their best to ensure that they address their customer's need with the utmost care and work for customer satisfaction in whatever they do. Whenever given the opportunity to serve a customer, they've always gifted their clients with a pleasant experience. Every client of them has been treated with courtesy whenever the company has been approached for any kind of an event. From live bands to the orchestra for devotional music, Idol Melodiesn Orchestra has the experience and resources to provide the best performers possible to make their clients event a huge success. Over the years of their successful years, they have worked for all type of events of the industry and have excelled really well in them. They are open for all kind of bookings and promise to work their best in making the client's event a huge success.
Performance Details
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90 Minutes
Open To Travel
Location Bangalore, Karnataka

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