Hollywood’s Real Life Feuds

Every office encounters feuds between colleagues. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter what kind of work one does. What truly interests us is how well we get along with each other. We suck up to our bosses to gain favors and ruin someone else’s reputation. We all love a little dirt. We can’t contain our curiosity when we come across glamorous people like singers, actors and dancers. Their lives flash right in front of us in the newspapers, on television, on various websites and so on.

Let’s share a few juicy details that ought to make your day.

Taylor and Katy’s split

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had rough times and haven’t been spared by the paparazzi. Taylor composed a song about her adversary. Bad Blood, her song is more of a query about the state of her relationship with Katy. Taylor claims that she is not sure if they are friends. She was puzzled by her behavior at award ceremonies where she would suddenly approach her and ask how she is. It was more of an insult to her than an enquiry. Maybe the two can’t stand each other because Katy is dating Taylor’s old flame, John Mayer.

Will and Janet’s feud

We all remember Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His co-star was Janet Hubert, who is better known as Aunt Viv. She was a dominating colleague, in Will’s opinion. Will was ‘egomaniac’ in her opinion. She had been replaced in the show and still has a grudge against Will after so many years. They are still not on speaking terms.

Julia and Nicole’s Hatred for one another

Did you know that Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman can’t get along? Although we have seen them together on Secret in their Eyes, they can’t stand the sight of one another. Julia sarcastically calls Nicole ‘her majesty’, since she does not share a rapport with the crew with her high handedness. She treats them like servants. She orders them around. Julia chooses to be cordial and cheerful. It could be an “Aussie thing”.

Jim’s unbelievable Enemy

It is unbelievable that Jim Carrey has an adversary. He is known for his fuzzy and warm personality and his uncontested wit and humor. He too has someone that can’t stand being near him. Tommy Lee Jones is the person with whom he has issues. They were working together in a Batman movie. Jim was told that his ‘buffoonery’ was intolerable.

Gwyneth and Madonna- the frienemies

Gwyneth and Madonna are another pair of ‘frienemies’. Initially, Madonna was like an older sister to Gwyneth. But since 2010, things haven’t been very smooth between the two. Although the reason behind their falling out is unknown, Gwyneth has been very specific about her dislike for Madonna in a Vogue interview.

These stellar feuds are intriguing. Although reconciliation is the last thing on their minds, we might just wonder what they will be up to next and how they will react to events in future. Until then, we need to wait and watch out for clues that things are going to get hotter than ever.