Hollywood Blooper at Oscars 2017

The Oscars announced that the best picture that was produced this year was ‘La La Land’. Within seconds , it was announced that it was ‘Moonlight’.

The Humiliating Fiasco

This was the catastrophic blunder that the emcees committed at this prestigious event for the first time in the history of entertainment. The ‘La La Land’ team had climbed up on stage and had begun to deliver their victory speeches. In just a few moments, it was interrupted by the awkward rectification, followed by the arrival of the ‘Moonlight’ cast. There was a man wearing a headset and holding an envelope. He was the one who settled the problem. By that time, Jordan Horowitz and Fred Berger the producers, had received the Oscar and were speaking on the mic.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, the anchors, were flabbergasted by this rapid change in the announcement.

Damian Chazelle, the director and Emma Stone the leading actress had already begun the celebration. Their ecstasy as Best Director and Best Actress was momentary but they gracefully gave way to the winners on the stage.

The anchors and everyone on stage were not trying to be comical but nevertheless, Fred Berger walked towards the mic and made the rectification immediately. He announced that they had lost.

Producer Adele Romanski received the award rightfully after the chaos.

Moonlight’s Producer’s Message

She expressed her desire to see colored people feeling inspired instead of feeling like they are marginalized after watching her film. This film is about a young boy’s struggle against poverty and his sexuality.

Investigating After the Ceremony

The Price Water house Coopers auditors, Bill Cullinan and Martha Ruiz were responsible for counting all of the votes and were the only two people in the world who knew about who would win the Oscar. The envelopes were sealed and the results were disclosed only on stage.

Crisis meetings took place immediately after this blunder occurred. Tim Ryan, the accounting firm’s US chairman and senior partner declared to Variety, that Bill felt terrible about the mistake. Since Bill was a partner of this firm, this was his responsibility too and he felt terrible about it as well. They had carried envelopes that looked similar but were of separate categories. That is why the confusion took place. Cullinan and Ruiz did not speak publicly about the mistake that was made during this prestigious event. Investigations are being made to discover what happened when the mishap occurred.

Together for Years

The Academy Awards and The Price Water house Coopers have had an excellent rapport for almost a century. They aspire to maintain that as long as this ceremony takes place and as long as the entertainment industry continues to produce extraordinary films for the global audience.