The band has their own compositions that relate on the basics of life's going concerns and different phases of life that one faces daily!

NCR / Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Bollywood,Folk,Fusion,Indie,Pop,Rock,Rock n Roll,Sufi)


Hazrat is a Bollywood/fusion/pop/Sufi LIVE band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. Irfan Hussain, the lead vocalist, is trained in classical music and is renowned for his spiritual singing. Irfan has learnt under Ustad Mohsin Khan Sahab of the Agra gharana. Apart from the vocals, Irfan is also good at songwriting and raaga-based compositions. For backing vocals and acoustic guitar, Luckee Rajvanshi is there with a great command in composing and improvisation. Aman Verma plays the lead guitars. He started playing guitar when he was just 16. On the bass guitar, there is Argha Kumar Jena – a superbly-talented bass musician who has also performed with several other bands. Animesh Mohanta takes on the drum duties, having great rhythm sense in different time signatures giving different flavors to songs. The title Hazrat was basically used for saints who enrolled their life into worship of the thing they do. That's the reason why the band chose the name of the band. The founders of the band are Aman Verma (lead guitarist), Irfan Hussain (vocalist), and Luckee Rajvanshi (percussion and backing vocals). Founded in August 2015, the vision of the band is to do their own compositions and deliver good music to music lovers and their listeners.

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