Gaurav Kotian is a multi-talented artist from Mumbai who gained fame because of his talent as a glass harpist


Gaurav Kotian is a multi-faceted, versatile and the only glass harpist based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. He is also a guitar enthusiast and a budding singer.
As the Titanic theme picks up pace, he botches with the glasses, his fingers deftly handling the rims to produce lilting and sweet sounds in sync with the track playing in the background. This is one of the videos uploaded on by the city-based 19-year-old, who joins the band of a handful of glass harp players in the world.
Recently, Kotian made his debut on the online platform where singers, musicians, and performers can display their skills, which can be hired by talent seekers across the globe.
The prodigious musician was featured on India’s Got TalentSeason 6 as well.
However, playing the instrument is no cakewalk. Transporting it is a challenge due to its bulky and fragile nature, though the musician has made a case for it.



Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Mumbai,Maharashtra
Events Preferred