Farah Anwar is a multi-award winner celebrity anchor and also a model.


She is an alumnus of Sri Balaji society and has been associated with big brands as an anchor. Astha Gill concert and Emiway Banthai concert, Ficci Flo Live session, and US Polo Juniors Fashion Week 2019 are just a few of the enormous events she has experienced from. She is an excellent speaker and an anchor and was exclusively trained by international groomers Anjana and Karl Mascarenhas of DIVA , a renowned Pageant Training and Finishing school in order to make her mark in the fashion world and anchoring. She kicked off her career by being a runner up at Ms. Pune 2016 and then went on to win Ms. India 2016 and then bagged the conveted Ms. Asia 2018 crown. Her biggest achievement came earlier this year when she went on to win the first runner up at Ms. United Nation 2018 which was held at Toronto. She's also been featured in Diva's international magazine which was launched in Dubai at the International Dance Festival on 19th October 2019. Currently, she is working on her own TV show †œTiara talks with Farah† on Woman TV.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 240-360
Open To Travel
Location Pune,Maharashtra
Events Preferred