A 5 piece metal act creating some hot hot hot news in town!


Eyes of the Martyr (EOTM) is a five piece Experimental Metal outfit. Guitarist, Manish Deka and Yusuf Ghani complimenting each other, harmonizing riffs, bringing heaviness and technicality to the table. Giving them groove is Piyush Sharma (drummer) and providing a strong bassline over which all of this can be laid is Jhanav Baruah (Bassist). Delivering the music with verbal meaning is Amir Hasmi (Vocals) with his mean and deep growls.

The project first initiated in mid 2013 by Piyush Sharma (Drummer) and Yusuf Ghani (Guitarist), which were in search of a vocalist leading to Amir Hasmi (Ex Chromatix) joining the line up. The Group was joined by bassist, Paul Marandi, but he did not continue with us due to personal reasons. This initiated a search for a new bassist and found Yugantar Saini. Yugantar did not travel far with them.

The unstable dynamics of the band were brought to stable state by new guitarist Manish Deka (Ex Caravan Speculaton, Axis, Brutal Agitation) and bassist Jhanav Baruah (Ex Fatal Malice). Now the band is spending hours of practice to achieve the unknown and to produce the goods, by each member's contribution to the Music - METAL!!