Eliminating Terrorism Through Music- Night Wings III

What Music Conveys

Music communicates the words of the soul. It connects and reveals truth. Opinions that are untainted are narrated lyrically by people in the form of songs.

Heavy Metal’s Influence

Heavy metal music is aggressive in its approach with vocalists shouting instead of singing softly. The guitar doesn’t sound soothing. Instead, it imitates the growl of a wild beast that prowls in the dead of the night.

Our Mad World

Our world is full of controversies and contradictions. People support terrorism not for any positive outcome or overall benefit for the world. It is greed and lust that drives people towards insanity. Those who indulge in terrorism are falsely promised the reward of gaining the companionship of 72 virgins. That is madness.

The ones in power unfortunately drive enthusiastic young people towards hatred and murder with such a preposterous promise. The powerful political leaders do this for their own personal gains.

This movement towards mass extermination will cease to exist soon. Innocent lives will not be taken. Manipulation by leaders will not be influencing youth in the long run.

The protests have already begun. There are millions of people voicing their opinion and trying to spread awareness about the evils of terrorism.

India’s Children Protest

India has her own sons and daughters protesting against mass murder and fanaticism. Metal band, based in Jaipur, famously called Night Wings III, is a band that explores the evils of terrorism and expresses its disgust for such actions through powerful lyrics.

“Where are my 72 virgins” is the most influential song that has been composed by Night Wings III. It was released on May 21, which is regarded as India’s anti-terrorism day since it was the day Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. The song narrates the story of a preacher inspiring a man to pick up arms. The preacher promised the gunman an afterlife of happiness but at the last moment, the gunman begins to foster doubtful thoughts in his mind. Another issue that is crudely dealt with is Islam’s objectification of women. This has created a nightmarish effect, which has left a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

Never has anyone created a song with visual effects that are so powerful.

What the Band Has to Say

Lovenish Sharma, the lead vocalist, stated very clearly, that the song doesn’t pertain only to the Islamic community. It is a global issue which targets terrorists from all over the world. When he wrote this song, he did not stick specifically to any particular country, race or religion.

The Quran states nothing about the fantasy of 72 virgins waiting for the terrorists in heaven if they kill people for the sake of religion.

This is a three minute pop song. It has successfully attempted to target malpractices in the name of religion.

Jatin states that if this song can influence even a handful of people, even such a minor change can make a difference and leave a lasting impact on human civilization.