Pankaj Presskit is a famous celebrity Bollywood house DJ of India famous as DJ PANK.


Pankaj Presskit is a Delhi based house DJ, producer & a great re-mixer with an excellent credential. In 2009, he started his DJ career, all the efforts & hard work has seen him play in almost every prestigious clubs in India. He started to perform in Delhi clubs, was highly appreciated by the crowd. Then DJ Pank started to perform all over India which made him the most popular DJ who can create a magic atmosphere any time. Across the globe, consistently wowing crowds with his technically brilliant mixing style & all the energy behind the decks. His genre of music is: ž¢Deep house ž¢Tech House ž¢EDM ž¢Commercial ž¢Bollywood, Punjabi ž¢Hip Hop ž¢Rock Retro ž¢Trap ž¢Sufi
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 180
Open To Travel
Location NCR / Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred