Booking Artists Now Made Easy by StarClinch

StarClinch is a leading online portal and the one stop-solution to explore and book entertainers. Being the largest and authentic database of singers, performers, dance troupes, live bands, photographers and instrumentalists; it serves as an excellent tool to find the suitable talent for any gathering. Its extensive database consists of more than 7000 artists, spread across 14 categories and 100 sub-categories. Booking and marketing with them is dealt by a proficient team of 30 professionals. StarClinch is currently working with top 50 restaurants in Delhi NCR and weekly with 30 others. In addition to this, it has listed total bookings of INR 2 crore, 1700+ artist engagement and 1000+ bookings in the small span of 11 months.

The Leadership of Starclinch

Since its advent in 2015, the organisation now employs more than 30 expert professionals. Being a former banker in ICICI, Varun Agarwal(Founder and CEO) ensures the in-depth and detailed profiling of each enrolled artist. His vision of making StarClinch a leader in entertainment industry is now on the verge of becoming a reality. A B-Tech in computer science and an MBA from FORE School of Management, he intends to cut down the involvement of middle-men in artist-client engagement process that has been affecting the even-handedness in the process.

Amar Kumar Rout(Vice-president, product) has an extensive experience of 7 years in software development. Apart from his expertise, he is skilled in analysis of requirements, document preparation, designing architecture and product development. An MBA, MCA and BSc degree holder, he has explored various global giants namely IEEE, Elsevier, HBO, Olam International etc in the period of 7 years. Hence, he single-handedly leads the team of product design and development.

Dilemma of Talent Buyers and Artists

The talent buyers solely are dependent on middle-men and come across many hitches such as expensive pricing, non-transparent transactions, lack of choices and cash dealings. Artists are generally unaware of ground realities in market such as real market value, untimely payments, ignorance about the expectation of clients etc. StarClinch hence acts a bridge and provides solutions such as 7000+ artists to choose from, artist falling in every budget, transparent monetary interactions etc thereby facilitating a smooth client-artist interaction.

Key Solutions of StarClinch

StarClinch for the first-time has made it easy for the B2B and B2C customers to book a performer or an artist without the intervention of a middle-man. The easily accessible individual artist pages and chat-room help to book an artist according to the individual requirements. The numerous alternatives for artists in the specified budget, location and language etc along with professional performance excerpts make the process of selecting an artist easier. Further, SAFE and lightning fast wire-transactions with the guarantee of cash back ensures transparency in every monetary transaction.

Estimation of Market Size

The approximate market size based on services offered is nearly USD 10 billion. StarClinch has almost touched every sector such as entertainment, events, weddings, and private occasions. Restaurants and pubs secure USD 0.7 billion in this arena whereas weddings and private occasions cover almost USD 3 billion of the market capital. The college fests, music events and religious functions cover USD 0.67 billion, 0.5 billion and 0.75 billion respectively of the market size.

With a whopping booking rate of 7 artists per day, StarClinch has received more than 250 artist registrations worth Rs 250,000 in past one year. The website also receives 35 new artist registrations per day and 95% of monetary transactions are performed through online portal. Few best names in the entertainment industry like Blender’s Pride, Wedding Asia, Elite Magazine etc are associated with the portal. Hence, booking an artist and planning an event now was never that easy for both artists and talent-buyers.