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"The number of migrants from various cities in India to Mumbai explains the musical diversity of this city. Many international artists have made this city their home, thus bringing international tastes to this city. Bollywood music is the most popular type of music heard in Mumbai.
Mumbai has produced many classic singers and bands.
Some of the most famous singers from the city are Vikrant Bhartiya, Geetu Hinduja, Preety Bhalla, Nikhil D'souza, Akash Ojha, etc.

Vikrant Bhartiya

He started singing at the age of nine. He has also competed in many singing competitions, music conferences and musical concerts like 'Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam'. Vikrant learned Hindustani classical music from Murtaza Mustafa Khan Sahab in Mumbai.
He has been awarded the 'Best Singer' award by famous music director, Ismail Darbar. He was also the finalist for Surtarang National Singing Talent Hunt, Sangam Kala Group, Delhi in 2009. Vikrant Bhartiya’s music is also available on websites like Saavn,, and much more.

Geetu Hinduja Geeta Hinduja trusts that music ought to be a festival of life, with all its strife and battle, delights and joys. She is a vocalist/lyricist based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. She has been performing for more than two decades.
Geetu weaves her way through changed musical territories with a contemporary acoustic approach. Accompanied by only a guitar, she tells clear, reminiscent stories in her tunes that in a split second transport the audience to the scene of her brain; her music could be characterized as music for the spirit.
Her training in music has sharpened her abilities and sensibilities; it is from life that she draws her motivation. Her battle is to have a place, and her way of life as a lady in Indian culture.
From Rumi's verse to impressions of Mumbai's road life, from Adi Shankaracharya's thought of the self to the lip service of advanced life – every last bit of it discovers expression in her effective voice and in a split second paramount.

Preety Bhalla

Preety is one of those blessed vocalists who found this quality of hers at an early age. She was raised in a musical atmosphere where her mother is an M.A (Music) and father, however, an ex-Merchant Navy Capt., is additionally a fantastic artist. She was trained under numerous prestigious vocalists like Bhavdeep Jaipurwale, Mrs. Cilia Lobo, Pt Girdhar Prasad Jaipurwale, Ustad Asif Khan, Mrs. Madhuri Joshi and Mrs. Shyama Joshi to give some examples, in Indian established music and additionally ghazals.
From her Sufi melody ""Damadam Mast Kalandar"" to the Marathi-enhanced ""Saangu Nakaa"" and her romantic number ""Mera Yeh Mann"" to a spiritual album and Christmas jingles, she most likely has a tremendous vocal extent.

Nikhil D'souza

The genre he sings might be loosely defined as eclectic acoustic guitar-based pop with a relatively small band setup.
Nikhil's music has a full melodic quality to it, especially due to the alternate tunings on the guitars, used by veterans like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.
His strength as a songwriter is well-established in his various compositions.
Nikhil has also been featured on MTV’s Coke Studio series.

Akash Ojha

He is a trained classical singer and has also worked with Salim-Sulaiman in the chorus for 'Bharat Ki Shaan'.
Akash started learning music at the age of three.
His voice is as sweet as his nature. Being a trained singer, he has also worked with Sachin-Jigar.
Akash has also trained contestants for the show 'Raw Star'.