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"Bengali music comprises a long ritual of secular and religious songs, over a period of many years. Spanning a wide variety of styles, most lyrics are written in Bengali.
The earliest music was inspired by Sanskrit chants. These further evolved under the influence of Vaishnav poetry, which is still sung in many eastern Hindu temples.
Kolkata houses many gharanas like the Bishnupur Gharana.
Some famous singers from the city are Durjoy Choudhury, Nandini Dev, Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, Madhuri Dey, Arpan Sen, etc.

Durjoy Choudhury

Durjoy Sen began considering music since 2004, and it was at that point that he began creating his own tunes with his guitar. Earlier, he was inspired by the music of Bob Dylan and thus he took up the second instrument, harmonica. Today, Durjoy has more than eighty originals and jumps at the chance to control the stage, without any assistance – doing that ‘one-man-band’ act.
Durjoy has likewise been a piece of diverse Calcutta-based bands like ‘Glass Onion’, ‘Break Even’, ‘Chilekotha’ and ‘Bee and the Buskers’. At present, he is the lead vocalist, songwriter, harmonica player and guitar player of Bee and the Buskers, and has been playing in Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai, Someplace Else, The Basement, and other different spots.
As a performance artist musician, he has featured in more than 50 shows – incorporating gigs in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Gangtok, and so on. Durjoy has likewise judged a modest bunch of rock band competitions and other musical performances, including the rock band event at Sanskriti, Jadavpur University in 2009, a rock band competition at Institute for Engineering and Management in 2011, and NUJS Has Talent in 2010.

Nandini Dev

Nandini Dev is a singer who won the SaReGaMaPa Voice of Kolkata and has featured in Music Ka Maha Muqqabla.
Nandini burns the stage with her sizzling performances and reaches people's hearts through her voice.
She has been awarded the Youngest Performing Artist at the Kalakar Awards by Pandit Ravi Shankar Ji. She has performed in continents like Asia, Africa, and America.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, otherwise called E.P.R (emcee/writer/rapper), is the front-man of the groups – Underground Authority, Spliff, and Fosapoy.
He is one of the first emcees/rappers from Kolkata to make an imprint.
He is noted for his stage vicinity and energetic delivery of vocals. He is also the lyricist of the above-mentioned bands and is a follower of Anarchist Communism, which can be seen in his works.

Madhuri Dey

She won many hearts by singing the song Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye from the film Silsila, in a special episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012.
Madhuri has received praises from actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma for her sweet and soulful singing.
She was mentored by music veteran Shankar Mahadevan, Rahul Mahajan, and Sajid Khan, who appreciated her singing.
She has now been performing LIVE for numerous events.

Arpan Sen

He can sing in English and Hindi. He learned music on his own and he believes in improving himself as a composer.
His experiments with the techniques of music have made him exceptional and unique.
His voice touches the hearts of the audiences, the moment he starts singing.