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Riaz Sheryari

“I contacted StarClinch for our event in Pattaya and almost immediately got a mail response and a call back for my query. From then on, everything was smooth as silk. Look forward to working with StarClinch soon.”


Sarthak Jain

“Had a great experience with Starclinch. The team is very supportive and helped with one of our events end to end. Looking forward to work with them in the near future. Best of luck!”


Sheena Thukral

“It was a really wonderful opportunity given by StarClinch. We really liked the service. Would like to have more business deals for future. Thank-you!”


Jyotika Jogi

“Had a wonderful experience interacting with the StarClinch team. Very professional. We had a great evening with Aviral Malay and his melodies which made the party great fun. The guests loved it.”

Also known as the Deccani Tehzeeb, the culture of Hyderabad is exquisite. Since its inception, Hyderabad has given music, dance, and art its proper importance.
The government of this city has made it compulsory for schools to administer the learning or arts in schools and colleges.
Musically, Hyderabad has produced many well-known bands and artists.
Some great singers from this city are Sunny MR, Shri, Subodh Thakar, Tanay Mimani, Samuel Joseph, etc.

Sunny MR Sunny MR, definitely, is considered as the life of any party. He is a man with good humor. If not a musician, he would be a gizmo geek because of his love for gadgets.
He is a great music composer, music producer, playback singer and a sound engineer.
He is a great cook and of course, he loves eating.


The independent singer/songwriter has extensively collaborated with electronic music producers from across the world.
With years of formal training in Carnatic classical music, her outstanding ability to seamlessly blend both classical and contemporary vocal elements in both LIVE and studio settings came into focus with her band, Gods Robots.
As one-half of the Mumbai-San Francisco electronic dance music duo, Gods Robots, she toured in India and the United States. Gods Robots has played festivals such as Sunburn (India), Jaipur Literature Festival (India), Symbiosis Gathering (California), Beloved (Portland), Stilldream (Belden, CA), Burning Man Pre-Comp Party (2014), and several venues in cities including New York, LA, Santa Cruz, and Reno.
Shri is also currently collaborating with producers from the UK, US, Turkey, and other parts of the world.

Subodh Thakar

Subodh's melodious covers and original compositions have won many a heart.
Besides singing, Subodh is also a music composer, flutist, and guitarist.
He is the new talent of Hyderabad and has performed at a lot of venues in Delhi and Mumbai.
Be it an acoustic session, a Bollywood night, classical evening, or a ghazal concert – Subodh's voice is an all-rounder!

Tanay Mimani

Tanay wants to do something unique with his music. He has lots of ideas going around in his head, which he intends to implement in the songs he records or performs.
He has made a long journey in music till now, which is not even a fraction of what he wants to do in life. Being in cities like Delhi and Hyderabad has also helped him learn different aspects of music.
He had led the music society in his college (Hindu College) as its President, bringing a lot of awards home for it and, at the same time, learning something new from every experience and the people.

Samuel Joseph

With more than six years of experience as a singer and guitarist, he is one of the best, multi-talented, and a versatile personality.
Samuel is known for his distinct edgy and rustic voice. He has a refined sense of instrumentation and follows a more varied range of orchestrated music for his vocal performances.
He has done LIVE shows for MTV in 2013. His powerful tunes and unconventional lyrics will persuade you to leave your drink and take a listen.

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