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Our Milestones

"Known as the commercial capital of Maharashtra, Pune is the seventh most populated city in India, with a population of more than 3 million. It is a place where modernism exists within the traditional norms. This city is the bastion of music, dance, arts, and theatre activities.
People from various religions and speaking different languages reside here. Because of this, many cultural festivals take place in the city. Also because Pune’s large student population ration, the city also sees many youth festivals.
Pune is also becoming a good party destination with people from various MNCs flocking to the city. Discos, pubs and bars are becoming common over here!
Apart from being a fast developing city, Pune is also coming out as a huge force in the domain of entertainment and music. Coherence and diversity makes the music scene of the city even more special!
Some of India’s most famous bands originally belong from this city. These are Celestial Teapot, Dirge, Abraxas, Dark Helm, Sattva, Falcon Blues, etc.

Celestial Teapot

Celestial Teapot is a four-piece instrumental progressive rock band from Pune, comprising Kartikeya Dixit, Tushar Verma, Nishant Karve, and Ashwin Naidu. Formed in 2012, the band initiated with Tushar Verma and Kartikeya Dixit, who were hunting for musicians to have jam sessions with.
Nishant Karve joined the duo and the trio went on to jam with various drummers, until in 2013, when Tushar came across Ashwin Naidu.
The music of Celestial Teapot focuses on vivid sounds an ear commonly hears.


Dirge was formed in January 2014, strongly influenced by doom metal with the likes of sludge and stoner. Bands like Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Trouble, Sleep, Melvins, Autopsy, Acid bath etc heavily influence the band's sound.
The originals are composed on a Historic-myth-fiction lyrical theme about the resurgence of the violent Maya. This makes the music of Dirge to be maddeningly sludge driven doom with fuzzed out overdrive, ‘10000 ton’ heavy riffs, low tuned distorted basslines with screaming angst-ridden vocals.

Abraxas It is five-piece metal outfit that has made its mark in Indian metal scene. The band rose to fame in 2009 after they got a chance to open for Iron Maiden at Rock in India, Bangalore.
Abraxas is a blend of genres creating a uniquely distinguishable sound in metal.

Dark Helm

The band is an infusion of modern metal and ethnic character.
The band is influenced by International bands like Veil of Maya, Meshuggah, Textures, Lamb of God, Whitechapel, Thy Art is Murder, The Faceless, All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris.
Dark Helm as a band is all about writing quality music and lineup has one of the top metal musicians in Delhi.


They play alternative, blues, Bollywood, folk, fusion, progressive rock music.
The band was founded by Vatayan who is a freelance musician. Vatayan has toured worldwide and has played with bands and artists like Bobby Cash, Sivamani, Lesle Lewis, Kavita Seth, Mansi Scott, Milarepa, Prem Joshua, Manish Viyas, Nivedano (Santana's drummer), Naadbrahma, Bikramjit Singh (Grammy-nominated artist), Retro Legendary Act (RLA), and Jasraj Joshi.
Sattva is a powerful combination of great musicians that has performed for Commonwealth Games, and also won the finals of the reality show on Colors TV channel, called Idea Rocks India. They have also composed music for the Ex-President of India, Late APJ Abdul Kalam and recorded the background scores with Lesli Lewis and his album.

Falcon Blues

The band has performed and delighted crowds in cities like Mumbai, Daman, Delhi, and Pune.
They believe in playing music straight from the heart and does not sequence any of their music. All the songs rendered are performed entirely LIVE.
Their music targets audiences ranging from the young to the old. The genres of their music are pop, retro, rock n roll, techno, hip-hop, rock, etc.