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Our Milestones

"Also known as Bombay, Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India. It is also the most populated city in India, with a population of 18.4 million.
This city is the blend of food, music, traditional festivals, and theatres. Offering cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle, this city has some of the best talents in town, thanks to the B-Town of Bollywood here!
It is also the birthplace of Indian cinema; Dadasaheb Phalke laid down the foundation stones with silent movies. This moved on to Marathi talkies in the early 20th century.
Due to a large number of people moving to the city, Mumbai has a variety of tastes when it comes to culture.
In the recent years, the number of LIVE acts of various genres has risen. Many international artists like Justin Beiber, Eminem, Iron Maiden, etc. have performed in this city.
Some really great acts from Mumbai are Demonic Resurrection, The Family Cheese, Spud in the Box, Coshish, Rang, and a lot more.

Demonic Ressurection

Demonic Resurrection got started in March 2000, and ever since it has been surprising the world with it heart-thumping music. The band initiated as a group of young, 17-year old music freaks who were heading to get India introduced with extreme metal music because back then this genre was hardly known and tried by musicians in India.

The Family Cheese

Three musicians from various parts of India and the world meet at music school and start making music together; they love it, people seem to love it too. So they head out into the world to spread their music to anyone and everyone they can.
No show is ever the same as the mad jamming and improvisational performances can go anywhere and everywhere, and all are welcome to join in the trip.

Spud in the Box

Spud in the Box is an alternative rock band from Mumbai. Since their formation in 2011, the band has gone on to garner critical acclaim for their energetic performances and songwriting. The band strikes a perfect balance between catchy melodies and intricate musical arrangements.
Spud In The Box has a young and dedicated fan base that makes their presence felt at all their shows and on various online social media platforms.


The members of the band endorse Mapex drums, Blade guitars, ESP basses, Paiste cymbals, and Laney amplifiers. They are influenced by artists and bands like Tool, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle, Opeth, Radiohead, Isis, Karnivool, Meshuggah, A.R. Rehman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Lucky Ali, and Mohammed Rafi. Their compositions, however, can only be described as “Coshish” (trying).


Rang produces and composes its own music entirely. Its package includes music, lyrics, and production for all scales and ranges of requirements. The music attempts to bridge the gap between various genres of music. Their melodies represent the interests of modern-day music lovers, melted with an Indian element – tapping into the pulse of both urban crowd and masses.