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Formerly known as Calcutta, Kolkata is known as the cultural capital of India; the city is also the capital city of West Bengal because it is known for its literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage.
Located on the east of Hoogly river, this city is the third most populated metropolitan area in the country.
Kolkata is also known as the city of furious creative energy, Bengalees have a special approach to art and literature!
Adorned with Indo-Islamic architectural structures, this city is the bustling center of talent; we have seen some of the best LIVE bands that have emerged from the city. Right from the heaviest metal bands to the smoothest jazz/funk acts, Kolkata has something for everyone in the store.
Most of these acts are new to the scene, grouping as recently as in 2013, but their EPs and albums have already created a buzz in the circuit.
Some of the most famous bands from the region are (not genre specific) Chronic Xorn, What Escapes Me, Yonsample, Ganesh Talkies, Prachir, Skinny Alley, Pinknoise, The Supersonics, and a lot more!
Let us look closer at some of these bands below:

Chronic Xorn

Perhaps the heaviest of all the mentioned bands, Chronic Xorn has been in existence for more than a decade now.
Chronic Xorn is one of those bands that believe in the philosophy of hard work. The name of the band characterizes the negative side of the human emotion, which is often portrayed by many.
The band firmly believes that to prevent any interference in life, one has to have that zeal to make it through and has to persist with the same in order to make things work out.

What Escapes Me

Formed in mid-2009, the band fuses Indian classical instrument sounds with metal and produces something unique.
Their genre is metalcore, though their songs also have elements of progressive and djent music.

Yonsample They have been labeled as one of the top metal bands in India, by Pepsi MTV Indies. The band took the Indian metal scene by storm in the year 2010, with their famous debut EP, 'Paraphernalia', which was labeled as the "second best EP release of 2010" by Rock Street Journal.
The band later became a part of the Great Indian Rock XIV, headlined by Tesseract and Meshuggah. They have also performed with bands like Parkway Drive, Pain of Salvation, and Thurisaz. The Ganesh Talkies
It blends alternative-rock, reggae, pop and ska genres in a funky brew, with influences selected from cinema.
The Ganesh Talkies plays like they are telling a story, just like you get to see in a movie. The band tells stories in a slow and step-by-step way, which unfolds gradually to finally get to the whole picture.


The band has been together for more than nine years, performing, producing and maintaining the freshness of LIVE music. The band cites that the honest devotion of the members towards music and their warrior-like mind setup serves as an inspiration behind Prachir’s survival and existence.

Skinny Alley

The band has played to diverse crowds in every possible venue, from plush clubs to college campuses, football stadiums to coffee houses, and car parks filled with tobacco-chewing truckers to gangster’s rooftop.
With the musicians on the road together since the early 1980s, this is more than just a band. This is a collective. Pinknoise The band’s debut album, The Dance Of The Diaspora, was released in October 2014. During this time, the band became widely considered to be the avant-garde of electronic fusion in India but also lost its bassist, Gyan Singh, to illness.

The Supersonics

The Supersonics were already hard-boiled veterans of the LIVE music circuit when their maiden album 'Maby Baking' blasted into the scene. The recordings caught the crude vitality of their adrenaline-doused LIVE performances, won the band a die-hard across the country taking after, and are considered by a wide margin one of the authoritative samples of homegrown rock n roll.

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