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"Bangalore, India’s IT hub, is the capital city of Karnataka. With a population above 8 million, this city is buzzing with activities. The city is known as the Garden City of India, thanks to the abundance of greenery, broad streets, and presence of many public parks.
The city is also known as the rock/metal capital of India because of the number of concerts this city has hosted in the past few years like Iron Maiden, Bangalore Open Air, Lamb of God, etc. Apart from this, the city also hosts many underground shows in the pubs and clubs across the city.
As compared to Delhi or Mumbai, Bangalore’s cultural face did not surface till 1990, when the city established the famous National Gallery of Modern Art; after this, several smaller art galleries sprung up, and Art Bangalore, South India’s only art festival, was established in 2010.
This city is the blend of food, music, traditional festivals, and theatres.
Some great bands from this city are Parvaaz, Shepherd, Eccentric Pendulum, All The Fat Children, Kryptos, The Raghu Dixit Project, etc.
Let’s know these acts closely


Parvaaz is a fusion/blues/indie/psychedelic/pop/rock LIVE band based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore.
The band was founded by Kashif, Khalid and Neil in the year 2010. After the initial three-piece lineup, the band added Sachin Banandur in November 2010 as the fourth piece.
Parvaaz released its debut LP – 'Baran' and toured extensively to promote it.


The band has been making waves in the underground scene ever since it came together in the year 2011.
The band draws influence from the guitar-driven sounds of the early 90s' hard rock (Soundgarden, Eyehategod, The Melvins) and 80s' hardcore punk (Black Flag and Discharge).
The band has made a reputation for itself as an evolving, dynamic and unpredictable heavy rock act.

Eccentric Pendulum

Currently working on their second full-length release, fans will get enough and more of what they have come to expect of the band. Writing interesting music, playing shows across various geographic reasons and to newer audiences has always been the band's primary focus.
The band has toured Europe twice and played big shows including Wacken Open Air and SWR Festival, Portugal (alongside Candlemass, Immortal, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, Gorod, Cerebral Bore, Concealment, etc).

All The Fat Children

Ben Johnson was tired of the Page-3 lifestyle, and decided to do something cement with his life. So he chose to frame a band! He called upon the administrations of Jerry ""The Orphan"", to play drums, and soon discovered Vicky who was at the time in firecracker.
After some influence with a little sustenance and beverage from the cafeteria and food court, he persuaded Vicky to join as the bass player. Following a couple of days of sticking, Jerry began losing interest (clearly the band outranked him as far as fatness). The band chose to call itself All The Fat Children, although Jerry had left long before. Later, at a gig of a band they knew, they met Sam and invited him to their group.


Kryptos was formed in 1998 and is viewed as one of the main overwhelming metal groups to rise up out of India. Since their creation, they have released three collections, 'Winding Ascent' in 2004, 'The Ark of Gemini' in 2008 and 'The Coils of Apollyon' in 2013 all of which are considered clique classics in the Indian metal underground.

The Raghu Dixit Project

The Raghu Dixit project is mostly hailed as India's greatest social and musical fare, Raghu Dixit's extraordinary image of irresistible, upbeat music rises above age, classification, and even dialect. His music is unequivocally established in Indian conventions and culture and is given an extremely contemporary, worldwide sound.