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Our Milestones

"Hyderabad is said to be the cultural capital of South India. This can be proved thanks to the long history of music and arts; underground music has slowly risen in this city.
The city has started to host some of the best music and dance festivals in the southern region. With students making up for most of the population, Hyderabad has seen a growth in the count of music artists.
Some of the most well-known names from the city are Deejay Zeetwo, DJ Prithvi Sai, DJ NAD, DJ Sujay, Dual Blends, etc.

Deejay Zeetwo

He has had a passion for music since childhood.
Zeetwo is an EDM fanatic and draws his inspirations from internationally-acclaimed DJs like David Guetta, Austin Leeds, DJ Tiesto, Paul Va Dyk, DJ Lijo, DJ Aqeel, and DJ Tejas.
He gives an alternative view to the age-old perception of EDM. His aim is to refresh the masses with his creative dose of electronic music.
He connects with his listeners in an artistic way – gradually making them fall into the pit of endless, groovy music.
Just enter into his world of EDM, and you will be hitting the dance floor in no time!

DJ Prithvi Sai

DJ Prithvi Sai started his career as Asia's youngest DJ in 2008, and since then, he has taken it up as his profession.
He has performed for 3 hours 5 minutes non-stop, mixing more than 100 songs at the age of 10 during his maiden performance.
Prithvi has performed at the best clubs in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Goa, Vizag, Raipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, and Bangalore.
At the age of 16, Prithvi released yet another international album named 'Teenmaar', in collaboration with DJ Jimmy Bell from the USA.
He is the youngest DJ in the world who has released a house music album named 'Master Blast' through World Wide Records.


Nad is a professional DJ based out of the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad.
Nagma Daula, the woman behind the console, started her career in the year 2013 and now she is one of the most popular DJs in Hyderabad. She has been performing at many clubs, corporate events, and college events.
DJ NAD plays hip hop, trap, commercial, house, deep house, and Bollywood. DJ Nad has also played along DJ Piyush Bajaj.

DJ Sujay

He has performed at numerous college festivals, corporate gigs, private parties, etc.
His music genres include Bollywood, deep house, and EDM. DJ Sujay steals the show with his beats and tunes.
Within a short span of time, he has effectively won the hearts of the renowned gurus of music and his fans.

Dual Blends

Dual Blends is a collaborative effort of Abhinav Roy and Rahul Sanga. Featuring the best progressive, techno, festival and uplifting music, the Sunburn-fame DJ Abhinav aka Avatar is one of the most talented, exciting and versatile DJs in Hyderabad today.
With a musical presence and experience, he is undoubtedly a crowd-charmer. Abhinav began DJing professionally at the age of 18. His mixing talents are flawless and effortless to his audiences.
However, personally, DJ Avatar is not limited to a single genre unlike the most. What makes his music different is that he doesn't stick to a monotonous style. While he loves spinning house and commercial, he is equally passionate about deep and tech house, EDM, and uplifting trance.